Monday, August 9, 2010

A huevoicesdotcom Report: Angels Helping Angels 3rd Annual Back to School Drive/Community Clean-up

Angels Helping Angels, a non-profit organization that assist the homeless and disadvantaged neighborhoods in Baltimore, hosted a Back to School Drive and Community Clean-up.

Program director Curtis Black shared with me his stories growing up in this neighborhood. More so he shared his passion to change not only the physical landscape, but the lives of the people living there.

With the latest reports of random attacks of violence in Fells Point, the death of a young Johns Hopkins researcher, and finally the killing of a 70-year-old man for a scooter, this story is of great significance.

Black along with his mother and sister decided to take a stand and contribute to the GROWTH of their city. Angels Helping Angels does not have any corporate sponsors or government funding. They simply wanted to have a positive impact. Their collective effort was a kiddie bandage over a massive wound. But just imagine if we ALL pulled out a First Aid kit and got to work.

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