Saturday, February 27, 2010

The John Hope Bryant interview reflection

After the interview, John Hope Bryant lean over to me and said, "Don't get comfortable." Funny enough I was feeling uncomfortable in the beginning of the interview. I felt nervous because it was my first interview conducted in front of an audience. SunTrust Bank Greater Washington/Maryland African American Diversity Team invited me to participate in their presentation on African-American economic empowerment. I was asked to interview John Hope Bryant,a philanthropic entrepreneur who has accomplished a great deal of work for disadvantaged people across the country with his non-profit organization Operation Hope.

This interview will probably go down as one of my best. John was not only informative and inspirational, but he reminded me of my heritage and roots. He was a very laid back kind of guy, who seem to be down to earth. Despite all the great work he has done, John wasn't too concern with status or title, just people. I come from a blue-collar background so I can definitely appreciate that in anyone.

He went on to speak about business and how it works best with strong relationships. Indeed, being good to people can go a long way. When the presentation was over he told me to don't get comfortable as in to say aim higher and don't be complacent. I thought about it for a while and I also thought about the work I do and how important it is.

I am a journalist. It is my job to report on what's going on in the world. What's going on today and what lies ahead tomorrow. John, a man who learned humility while living in his jeep for six months, reinterated the importantance of focusing on giving. So as apart of my life journey, I give you stories of lives that will hopefully touch you and compel you to do more. Thank you John and thank you for checking out Hue Voices.